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EASILY Create Stunning
Videos With 3D Talking Characters

Built From YOUR Pictures, Customizable Scenes,
Breathtaking Animations, Text-To-Speech,
Voiceovers, Real-Time Lip Synching And More...

100% CUSTOM videos BUILT TO SELL -
easier, faster and more effective than any template-based video software

  • Turn ANY profile photo or image into 3D video characters that do the selling FOR YOU
  • All-In-One video app works as a standalone solution, OR with any other video software you’re using
  • Effortlessly create 100% unique videos that instantly drives MORE traffic, engagement & HIGHER conversions at will
  • INCLUDED commercial license (Worth $497) lets you sell videos to clients & keep ALL the profits!
  • Crush the competition & say goodbye to boring clunky templates - get the unfair advantage and create stunning UNIQUE videos that get results!
  • 100% Beginner Friendly - no tech skills or previous experience needed

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The SHORTCUT To Crushing It With Video?


Whether you’re promoting an offer, building your list or your brand...
No one can sell your message as well as you can.

That’s where video comes in. It’s THE tool that replaces face-to-face presentations, and puts you in front of MASSIVE audiences.

This does NOT mean being on camera yourself - if you’re like 98% of other marketers, that’s your kryptonite (weakness).

BUT it’s ESSENTIAL to avoid the same, rehashed ‘video characters’ everyone ELSE is using… because no prebuilt image or avatar on the PLANET can convert like you can.

Imagine having talking, walking, CUSTOM 3D video
characters built from YOUR profile pics & images, that do
ALL the selling FOR you…

Sharing YOUR personalised message - in YOUR words...

With powerful photo-mapping, industry-leading text-to-speech, voiceovers, life-like lip synching and STUNNING animations that JUMP off the screen...

AND commercial rights to use this powerful technology to SELL custom videos to unlimited clients for several hundred dollars EACH...

Say Hello To The EVOLUTION

Of Video Marketing

You’re about to see how to EFFORTLESSLY:

Make videos that attract viewers like moths to a flame
Grab attention better than everyone else, maximize engagement and sales
Bank 100% profits from videos you can make in minutes... and sell to an UNLIMITED market for hundreds of dollars EACH
WITHOUT being on camera

WITHOUT paying

spokespersons or

WITHOUT learning

a thing about video creation

No Other Video App

On The Planet Does This!

8+ figure companies spend tens of thousands PER video.
How do you compete with THAT?

Like THIS, with Animaze:

  • Have 100% ORIGINAL video characters built from your profile photos & cartoon images, OR from those of your clients
  • AND customize multiple built-in avatars to match your brand and style

Then, bring EACH character to life with industry-leading animations,
text to speech, voiceover & lip synching technologies ...
for DYNAMIC videos that suck viewers in like bees to honey.

What’s even better, you can position your characters inside customizable scenes for
  • Use multiple camera angles for close-ups & broad scene views
  • Full flexibility to position characters ANY way you want and select multiple props
  • EVEN include 2 characters in any scene, and easily ‘stack’ scenes inside single videos
  • Effortlessly combine characters & scenes for UNIQUE stories that explode sales by connecting with audiences like no one else can
With next level animations & conversion power at your fingertips inside ONE app.

Photo-Mapping Technology Creates ORIGINAL

Characters That Do The Selling For You...

Turn Any Profile Pic Or Image Into A 3D Talking Head Personality

Turn This

Into This

Turn This

Into This

Everyday Marketers -
Some With ZERO Video Experience -

Are Getting Amazing Results With Animaze

Powerful Video Creation

Made Shockingly Simple

Let’s be honest, creating video is a painful, time-consuming process. Paying outsourcers is EXPENSIVE and costs thousands down the line.

Existing softwares LIMIT you to BORING preset characters and scenes...

For videos that look exactly like 1000s of others.

With this brand new cutting edge technology, ANYONE can have top-performing videos for ANY offer in ANY niche.

WITHOUT guesswork. In fact without any real work at all.

No split testing, optimizing, designing, learning or any other mind-numbing nonsense.

It’s as simple as following the short steps inside and you’re done.

All-In-One Solution For ANY Marketer...

Regardless Of Experience Or Tech Skills

This unique software is a dream for both complete beginners & advanced marketers.

You won’t find an EASIER-TO-USE video creator at any price that packs more firepower than the russian army…

OR one that’s BETTER at turning videos into massive sales machines.

Because your goals are unique, you need a COMPLETE solution that can keep up
  • Use this as a STANDALONE video creator to maximize your traffic, leads & sales
  • Integrate it with ANY OTHER SOFTWARE or existing video to skyrocket your results through the roof.
  • AND to sell videos for 100% profit to a never-ending stream of clients that are begging you to make these types of videos for them.

Animaze is SO effective because it combines BUYER TRIGGERS with UNLIMITED customization. Unique characters, unique scenes, breath-taking animations and sharing your personalised message just the way you want it!

Your videos don’t just look great and hook viewers in like bees to honey - they SELL MORE of whatever you’re promoting.

Welcome To Animaze

Animaze on devices

Animaze allows you to create incredible talking

animated 3D avatar characters in stunning scenes,

with powerful text to speech function and real-time lip synching technology.

Animaze outperforms as a standalone video solution AND a powerful upgrade to any other video software you’re using.
This desktop app - fully compatible with Windows & Mac - gives you 100% uptime for on-demand video creation ANYTIME.
By combining cutting-edge technologies with PROVEN buyer psychology,
it lets you EFFORTLESSLY create breathtaking videos that outperform on EVERY campaign

Using Animaze Is 3 Step Simple...

Even If You’ve NEVER Made A Video Before

Step #1

Build Your ‘Automated Team’

These dynamic talking characters do the selling FOR you.

Transform any profile pic or image into an animated 3D character...
OR select existing avatars from the library that’s included.

Step #2

Customize To MAXIMIZE Results

FULLY customize the look of your characters - eye, hair & skin color, body type and even clothes.

Position them into different scenes & camera angles. Add texts & call to actions wherever you choose. Mix & match scenes with a mouse-click.

Step #3

Bring Your Messages To Life!

Use the powerful text-to-speech generator, OR your own voiceover.

Add background audio & customize your animations to your taste.

Then just click render to have your HD video ready-to-go in minutes

Just rinse & repeat these 3 short steps whenever you need a powerful video promo... OR to create videos you can sell to clients for hundreds of dollars each!

Top-Converting Videos

Don’t Get Easier Than This

Point & click your way to professional dynamic videos that instantly drive traffic, leads & sales with zero previous experience or tech skills
Instantly create 100% unique, animated ‘personalities’ from your own profile photos or cartoons that do the selling FOR YOU while you sit back and relax
SHORTCUT your results and save time by customizing over a dozen included avatars
Maximize engagement with fully-customizable scenes, camera angles, animations, props and even MULTI character scenes
Personalize your messages with advanced text-to-speech, your own voiceovers, and custom calls-to-action
Bring your characters and messages TO LIFE with industry-leading animations, lip synch technology, automated body motions and more

On-Demand, In Dash Training Included!

Unlock the power of every Animaze feature with over-the-shoulder videos that show you what you need and when you need it.

Skyrocket Your Sales

WITHOUT Being On Camera

Most marketers hate being on camera - we get it.

With Animaze, your 3D characters do the selling FOR YOU, without you ever having to be on camera.

Avatars you can create from your own profile pics… OR personalities you can customize from the included library of cool unique characters.

Place each ‘sales personality’ in any scene … Have them say what you want - in your voice OR with automated text to speech…

For Your Own HAND-PICKED Team Of EXPERT Sales Professionals!

You. An Animated

Sales Machine

Drop your profile pic into the app. Let the photo-mapping tech work its magic. THEN, customize how you look.

Change your hair color, eye color, clothing and even body type.

Want to look thin, muscular or full-bodied? That’s a mouse-click.

INSTANTLY create characters YOUR audience relates to - And watch your conversions go through the roof

Save Time AND Money

While Building Your Business Faster Than Ever

Animated videos work. Better than any other format. But they don’t come cheap.

Hiring a video specialist can cost between $995 and $3k PER video, and you could wait weeks for results.

OR, you could use current video softwares and SETTLE FOR LESS:

So UNLESS you’re comfortable dropping thousands of dollars per video …

OR losing conversions & profits ...

‘Current options’ aren’t really an option at all.

Throwaway Complicated Expensive Video Tools,

Because Animaze Does It All…

Animaze puts ADVANCED animations & conversion power at your fingertips...

But the best part is how EASY these videos are to create.

The Animaze Smart Editor makes custom video creation a breeze.

While giving you full control over EVERYTHING with the click of your mouse:

3D Characters & animations
Scene selections & customizations
Text-to-speech, voiceovers and both facial AND body motions
Texts & calls to action
Background music & audio
It took many hard MONTHS to perfect the Animaze Smart Editor… The result is the EASIEST to use video creator you’ve ever seen.

Animaze Is The Complete
All-In-One Video Platform

That You Will Ever Need…

Desktop Solution

Fully compatible with Windows AND Mac - no ‘downtime’ when 3rd party servers go down

UNIQUE Custom 3D Characters From YOUR Pics

Create 3D talking avatars from your profile images - for ‘face to face conversions’ without being on camera!

Customize ANY Avatar

Customize the included characters or your OWN… for unique videos that stand out & maximize engagement

Customize Any Scene

Include 1 or 2 characters in any scene… Modify camera angles and avatar positions for unlimited possibilities

Create Unlimited Videos

No caps on how many videos you create… unlimited renders for a low one-time fee

Unlimited Versatility

Use Animaze for standalone video creation, OR with any other video software you’re using

Powerful Text-To-Speech & Voiceover Options

Enter your script for automated speech conversion… or record your own voiceover - for real-life lip synchronization & facial animations every time!

HD Quality Videos

Render your videos in HD format, perfect for YouTube, native uploads and using with other video softwares

Customizable Text & Calls To Action

Effortlessly add text boxes & call-to-actions at ANY point in your videos for ANY duration

On-Demand, In Dash Training Included!

Unlock the power of every Animaze feature with over-the-shoulder videos that show you what you need and when you need it.

EXCLUSIVE Launch Offer

- Commercial Rights INCLUDED! (Worth $497 alone)

When you pick up Animaze NOW, you get commercial rights to sell videos to clients for 100% profit, at any price you want.

According to cnbc.com, video services are the highest paying gigs on Fiverr:

Fiverr found that demand for video services has skyrocketed: between March 2017 and March 2018, orders for video and animation services climbed 58% ...

Freelancers charge between $300 to $18,000 per project”

You can tap into this 8 figure market with the highest paying service you can offer.

Commercial rights to Animaze can make you a full-time income for just a couple hours of ‘work’ each month.

EVEN better? Deliver what NO ONE ELSE currently can: UNIQUE video characters built from profile images, fully-custom scenes and the very latest conversion technology that is unlike anything else out there.

Customers will be BLOWN away and you’ll be taking your business to the next level.

Here’s What ‘Average’ Video Creators Are Making…

You Can Make A Whole LOT More


$1490 to $7,000 PER project - for just BASIC animated videos.

With Animaze, you’ll blow the competition away with 100% custom videos that clients will order again & again like clockwork!

With Animaze,
The ONLY Limit Is YOUR Imagination

Everything You Need Is Included
Inside One Easy To Use App:

  • The groundbreaking Animaze software, compatible with both Windows & Mac.
  • MULTIPLE in-built conversion technologies, including:

    ⚪️ World’s 1st CUSTOM 3D Character Builder for creating unlimited, unique talking head avatars from your profile photos & images with new photo-mapping technology

    ⚪️️ 100% customizable scenes with multiple camera angles, character positioning, sequences & more for UNIQUE videos that command attention better than anything else.

    ⚪️ Industry leading animations, text-to-speech, voiceovers and lip synching technology - bring your characters to LIFE without ever needing a separate app to record your audio

    ⚪️ Customizable Calls To Action - add texts and CTAs to any scene to maximize conversions

  • 14 INCLUDED 3D Avatars for FAST video creation - customize eye color, skin tone, hairstyle and clothing for IDEAL characters that connect with YOUR audience.
  • 10 Unique Scenes - interchangeable and ‘stackable’ to tell your story, your way.
  • 5 Background Music Tracks to create the perfect mood for each video.
  • 5 Powerful Audio Effects to boost engagement & INCREASE clicks.
  • HD Quality - download in STUNNING HD for professional videos that stand out and get results.
  • Fully compatible with ANY video software - use Animaze to create stunning videos from scratch, OR add Animaze media files to other softwares… for the most FLEXIBLE video creation solution ever!
  • COMMERCIAL RIGHTS INCLUDED - but ONLY during launch - to sell unlimited videos to unlimited clients and keep 100% of the profits.

Also, For Getting Animaze Right Now,

We’re Giving You Some Fast Action Bonuses…

So You Get The Best Value For Today Only

Bonus #1

Soci Video Gamer

Engage and convert your visitors with interactive social network video puzzle!

The brandable HTML5 Social Video Puzzle is an interactive YouTube video puzzle game with social network share. It splits the video into several pieces, shuffles them and the user has to put them back into the correct order to claim your special offer. This script can be used for creating a “buffer” page for social media marketing or engaging landing page to convert visitors. Truly the easiest and most effective way to increase engagement and conversions!

Bonus #2


This is an all-in-one Youtube tool combined with 12 different kinds of features for Youtube. It’s the most complete analytics & marketing tools for Youtube. Both channel and video analytics are available. You can schedule video upload with it. Not only that we have the option to create live event easily with the application. It has best complete search option for Youtube video. All the advance parameter for searching Youtube video. Playlist, channel search engine are also available. After searching video, you will able to download video. The tool has feature to grab video tags that they have used. And many more.

Bonus #3

Vid Survey

This is a mobile-based application for gathering information about products which are launched in the market. The gathered information can be used for business and research purposes.

Respondents can answer the questionnaire according to their own pace and preferences. The questionnaire will be answered through video and uploaded to a server.

Points will be generated for the complete review’s and updated in their profile.

Vid Survey is a sophisticated tool that provides the enriched solution to get reviews to products/services via video survey/review. Using Vid survey, you can give 24/7 support to your customer without any difficulties. This is a process of gathering information and analyzing the results from the audience over the network.

VRS will allow you to easily create your survey questions using a Web App. Users can start earning rewards by completing online survey anytime and anywhere via mobile.

Bonus #4


This is a powerful sticky responsive video / audio player that can be added at the top or bottom of the page in a fixed position over the page content, it can be installed in any type of web page, it runs on all major browsers and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, IOS, Android, Windows mobile or desktop and it can play local video or audio, streaming video or audio from a server, Youtube videos or Vimeo videos. It only requires the mp4 / mp3 format (the best and most used format on the web) and it will work on mobile devices or desktop machines no matter which browser is used. Packed with a huge amount of features like responsive layout, multiple instances manager, flexible skin, HTTP Live Streaming / HLS / m3u8 video support, 360 degree video / virtual reality / VR, share window, cuepoints, multiple subtitles, video quality selector, subtitle selector, video annotations etc, it makes it the best and most flexible and complete stikcy video and audio player available on sale.

Bonus #5

Vidbuilder (Video Sales Page Funnel Builder)

This is a WP page builder plugin to create video sales pages. Build a responsive video sales page and manage your content easily with intuitive Builder editor. No programming knowledge required – Create video sales pages for your products that load 85% faster than traditional wordpress pages. It is compatible with any active WordPress Theme. It supports Youtube, Vimeo and MP4 Videos.

Bonus #6

PressPlay (Ultimate Video Player)

This is a powerful responsive video / audio player that can play local video (mp4) / audio (mp3), streaming videos or audios from a server, Youtube videos or Vimeo videos. It only requires the mp4 / mp3 format (the best and most used formats on the web) and it will work on mobile devices and desktop machines no matter which browser is used, this is made possible by incorporating multiple video engines in an really smart way inside the video player logic. Ultimate Video Player supports unlimited playlists and each playlist can have unlimited videos. The playlists can be loaded from a simple HTML markup, XML file, mixed playlist (vimeo | youtube | HTML5 video / audio), video folder (mp4 files), audio folder (mp3 files), youtube playlist or vimeo playlist.

Bonus #7

YouExtracter (Pull Videos Into Your Database)

This YouTube app is a full backend interface enabling you to search and save any YouTube video (and also channels) into your own database. You can organize all your selected videos into categories, and also choose the videos to feature.

The front end is based on a responsive design framework, and enables you to have a nice and modern website with your videos selection. You can easily use and extend this app to create a videos website.

Bonus #8


This offers you HTML5 video and youtube gallery / background with many customizable options and special features like skip intro with cookie detection.Multiple layouts with optional playlist, clean video with no other screen elements, mini gallery and widget posibilities.

Bonus #9


This is also another powerful youtube marketing software for you to promote your youtube channels and videos by setting automated comments to go out on selected youtube videos in niche... you can use this auto comment feature to grow your youtube channels x3 faster or direct to your landing pages, websites, stores for more traffic, leads and sales!

Bonus #10


This is a powerful tool for capturing leads from any video you share on your WP website... with this you can insert opt-ins, advert messages, contact us form, share button on ANY video you share on your website.

Get Animaze For Just $97/Month... $47 One Time

Limited Time Only, Price Will Increase or Expire at ANY Time

Unlock INSTANT Access To Animaze And Get
Commercial Rights INCLUDED When You Act Now!

Click Here To Access Animate + Exclusive Bonuses

30-Day Money Back Guarantee | Zero Monthly Fees | 51% Discount

Answers To Frequently

Asked Questions

I’m a complete beginner. Will Animaze work for me?

Yes and GREAT news! As a beginner, you won’t have any ‘bad habits’ that could slow you down. Just use the software and training as directed, and in no time you’ll have videos driving traffic & sales to any offer at will. EVERYTHING you need to start from scratch is included, no stone is left unturned.

Will this work on my Mac?

Yes! Animaze is a desktop solution that works with both Mac AND Windows. This means you’re always in control, and will never get an ‘error’ message or a ‘dreaded spinning wheel’ if an external server is down. No worrying about slow server speeds. Create videos on demand, any time you want.

I already have a video creation software - why do I need this?

Animaze is the only solution right now where you can create a 3D talking avatar character with your own picture. Animaze is different from ANY other animated video platform because it offers you unlimited customizations. So you can create COMPLETELY unique videos that no one’s ever seen before… and it’s these original videos that hook prospects in like crazy, maximise engagement and increase sales.

Additionally, you can integrate your Animaze videos (or clips) with ANY other video creator. It’s a universal solution for boosting your profits from any video build on any platform.

Is training included?

Absolutely. From start to finish, so whether you’re brand new or an experienced video marketer, you’ll know EXACTLY how to use the software. All trainings are accessible inside the dashboard, so you can find out exactly what you need to know, when you need it.

What about support?

You’re covered. We provide industry-leading support to ensure ALL customers are looked after at all times. From basic questions to tech issues, our dedicated team is on hand to make sure YOU get the results you’re after.